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Early Years

Didi’s first interaction with food waste was during her childhood where she would mould “cakes” out of nut waste at her family’s melon seed shop



Implementing Sustainability

While working in the textile industry, Didi spearheaded various R&D projects involving sustainable products and processes such as durable cotton and eco-friendly, non-toxic fabric dyeing methods



Initial Spark

During this period, she observed first hand the excessive waste discharged by factories into the environment, which prompted her to think more about creating an all natural approach to alleviate such environmental issue


Early Adopters

As COVID-19 started to impact the rest of world and various antiviral practices were being adopted, Didi had an epiphany to create her own anti-bacterial masks. This time, she was determined to realise her vision of innovating sustainable products via upcyling food waste. N&E Innovations was thus founded 



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To-date, N&E has successfully developed and commercialized several products powered by its proprietary technology, ViKANG, generating >$1.5mn of sales while valorising >2 tonnes of food waste

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